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Research and Development area

The Research and Development area is the area in which the company develops innovation to maintain and feed the quality and multidisciplinary nature of its offer. The task of this business unit is to launch development initiatives in segments with interesting growth prospects and connected with the traditional activities of the company, such as the sustainable management of natural resources and the territory, techniques and concrete practices for mitigation and adaptation to climate change, the fight against forest fires, the production of energy from renewable sources.To ensure sustainability of research activities, the main sources of funding derive from the opportunities offered by European programming in the sectors of the environment, innovation and rural development.Competences on European planning are developed within this company area, in particular in the LIFE, Horizon 2020, MED and PSR programs in innovation measures.The strengths of the area are given by the staff with strong interdisciplinary skills, by the design methodologies that refer to the techniques of the "project cycle", by the experience in the management and reporting of European projects and finally by the high knowledge on Information & Communication Technology technologies.All the activities successfully developed by the R&D area find a natural implementation in the company's production activities.