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Agriculture and Rural Development


A Team of Agronomists, Forestry and Environmental Engineers that fosters the Rural Development through consultancies, technical assistance and design, in particular for farmers and forestry companies. DREAm can also support the requests of funds on the regional, national and European programs for rural development.

The highly specialized professional Team of DREAm, thanks to the large background and capacity developed during the activities, can support the firms to implement their projects. From the design of simple agro-forest projects (greenhouses, fences, ecc.) to the implementation of complex activities, such as cellars, olive mills, viability, water supply lakes, ecc. A specific capacity has been implemented in the design of renewable energy plants (solar, hydroelectric, biomasses, ecc.).

Through the opportunities provided by the Rural Development Program, DREAm can support the agro-forestry firms in activating funding requests for many purposes: support to the employment of young people, investments support, organic agriculture, renewable energies, ecc. Our Team has a specific skill for the Integrated Chain Projects (Progetti Integrati di Filiera), that have the aim to support the networking and cooperation among different realties of the agrarian framework.