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Activating applications for funding on regional, national and European tenders.

 Activating applications for funding for the development of agricultural, agro-alimentary and forest holdings on regional, national and European tenders, design of business plans for investment projects in the short, medium and long term. When complying with certain requirements, companies are entitled to take part into tenders having a regional, national and European nature.

D.R.E.Am. Italia can make a preliminary assessment of the investment submitted by the company and steer it towards the best investment opportunities. The latter are numerous (here are some of the most significant examples):

  • Investment support in the agro-alimentary sector;
  • Investment support in agricultural and forest holdings;
  • Support for vocational training measures;
  • Support for non-productive investments related to the compliance with agro-climatic- environmental targets, or to rehabilitation of agricultural land and of productive potential damaged by natural disasters, adverse weather conditions and catastrophic events;
  • Energy resulting from renewable sources in agricultural holdings;
  • Investments in forested areas development and in improvement of forest profitability;
  • Organic agriculture;
  • Compensations for areas facing natural constraints or other specific constraints;

For a complete list of the opportunities provided for in the Rural Development Plan of the Region of Tuscany see the page

CONTACTS: Andrea Triossi (Agro-food sector)Tiziana Mariotti (Agriculture) Giulia Bonfanti (Environment) Lorenzo Mini (Forestry sector)