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One of the main objectives of the institutional activity for any paying agency is the control of the correct application of the European Community Regulations for the management of the financing of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

This Business Unit operates supporting and controlling all the agrarian sectors that are benefiaries of the European agrarian funds, using approved and certified methodologies.

Since this Unit operates in different and heterogeneous sectors, different techniques of control and validation are applied, depending on the different approached situations.

D.R.E.Am. Italia has been operating in this field since 1993, articulating its action on all sectors, with particular reference to those of greater complexity (crops, olive oil, wine, etc.) for the high level of competence required by the methodologies and for the important fallout that the activities have on the national agricultural economy.

Technical Assistance

  • Technical and Administrative management
  • Help Desk
  • Back Office
  • Graphic Anomalies Solving 
  • Photointerpretation
  • Controls and validation on the field
  • Management
  • Legal disputes management
  • Administrative Anomalies Solving 
  • GIS

Crop Sector

  • Survey and control by orthophoto
  • Survey and control on the Spot
  • Survey and control by Satellite
  • Survey and control for semplified crop sectors

Fruit & Vegetable Sector

  • Survey and control for Tobacco
  • Survey and control for Tomatoes
  • Survey and control for Shell Fruit
  • Survey and control for Pears and Peaches
  • Survey and control for Citrus
  • Survey and control for Wineyards
  • Survey and control for Olive Threes

Controlli Industriali

  • Controlli Aziendali Prodotti Alcolevinici e da Frutta
  • Controlli Aziendali Sementi Elette
  • Controlli Aziendali Foraggi Essiccati
  • Controlli Aziendali Quote Latte
  • Controlli Aziendali Misure Agroambientali

No Food Controls

  • 1° Transformation Industries
  • 2° Transformation Industries
  • Wholesale Purchase
  • Biofuel Idustries


  • Goats and sheeps
  • Cows
  • Bulls
  • Milk production

Marco Mariotti – 0575 529514 - 6 - 232
Alessandro Vettori – 0573 365967 - 8 - 44
Claudio Merlo – 0573 365967 - 8 - 42