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Consultancy on Integrated Projects at Sector Levels

1. Definition of a P.I.F.(Region of Tuscany)

 P.I.F.s, or Integrated Projects at Sector Levels, are those projects that unite the actors of a food or forest supply chain (farmers, processing and marketing companies) with the goal of overcome the main critical issues of the supply chain, of fostering reorganisation and consolidation processes, and of carrying out more balanced market relationships. In this case, the cereal supply chain related to spelt production is taken into account. Integrated projects at sector levels ensure - within the same project – deployment of a large number of Rural Development Plan (RDP) sub-measures, which range from those provided for in business investments to the specific ones designed for activities of promotion, technological innovation, and diversification of agricultural activities, for energy recovery too.

2. Entities taking part into a P.I.F

Entities that take part into an Integrated Project at Sector Levels can be divided into direct and indirect: entities of different nature that partake in one or more supply chains (agricultural holdings, processing companies, marketing companies, or enterprises promoting products, etc.) which are interested in attaining the goals of the project. Each P.I.F. contains at least 12 participants, of which at least 5 are direct participants (the latter must include no less than 3 agricultural holdings qualified as I.A.P.):

  • Direct participants ask for funds within the project and at the same time bear the financial burden of Investments.
  • On the other hand, indirect participants are indirectly involved in carrying out the goals of the project, benefitting from positive spill-over coming from the implementation of the project itself, but they do not support the Investments.

3. The Leader

 The leading body is a direct participant that shall be responsible for aggregating and representing the different participants to the integrated project, as well as supervising its implementation and dealing with technical and administrative obligations related to its implementation.

 4. Agreements at a sector level

 Agreements at a sector level shall be entered both by direct and indirect participants, are real commercial agreements between stakeholders, and represent a strong boost to the development and integration of supply chains. The parties are linked for at least three years through contractual limitations that provide for mutual obligations and responsibilities with regard to investments aimed at achieving the goals established by the PIF and providing agricultural products meant for agro-industrial processing and marketing.

Curriculum PIF D.R.E.Am. Italia

PIF Region of Tuscany Bando 1 PSR 2007-2013 (funded projects)

  • PIF "Montalbano: un olio da Sogno"  Leader Oleificio Cooperativo Montalbano
  • PIF "Gli Stilisti del Vivaismo" Leader Vannucci Piante

PIF Region of Tuscany Bando 2 PSR 2007-2013 (funded projects)

  • PIF "L'Oro DOP del Chianti Classico" Leader Consorzio di Tutela della Denominazione di Origine Protetta Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva Chianti Classico
  • PIF " VIVAISMO PER L’AMBIENTE" Leader Magazzini Piante Società Agricola Semplice

CONTACTS Andrea Triossi (Agro-food sector) Lorenzo Mini (Forestry sector)