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Consultancy, technical support, agricultural and forest design

The huge know-how and the great experience gained over the years make D.R.E.Am. Italia a leading enterprise in this sector: high multidisciplinarity  is one of the factors of success, which makes it possible to meet all requirements put forward by its customers.

Starting from simple cadastral (land registry searches, divisions, assessment of new borders, etc.) and building paperwork (installation of glasshouses and precarious artefacts, fences, etc.), and thanks to state-of-the art technical instruments, D.R.E.Am. Italia can provide all kinds of services which include:

  • Appraisals and evaluations in the rural field (stocks, damages, etc.), as well as in urban and legal spheres; asset management;
  • Consultancy and drafting of Multiannual Business Plans concerning Environmental Agricultural Improvement (P.A.P.M.A.A), changes in designated uses, holding fragmentations;
  • Consultancy and executive design in the agricultural and forest field, work supervision, testing;
  • Regularisation and conformity assessment when an amnesty applies;
  • Consultancy and executive design of traditional agricultural crops (vine, olive tree), as well as nursery and forest crops;
  • Consultancy and executive design of civil works, traffic, irrigation basins, agricultural manufactured products, hydro-agricultural land development;
  • Use of renewable energy sources for energy production in the agricultural and forest field (solar, wind energy, water power, biomass energy, thermic and geothermic energy); exploitation of energy production through access to incentive tariffs, green and white certificates;
  • Consultancy; technical, design, and administrative support for the start of rural tourism activities;

Sara Gelli
Giulia Bonfanti