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Services of environmental consultancy

Management systems

Over the last years D.R.E.Am’s technical specialists have set off on training paths concerning the certification schemes of manufacturing processes, performing consultancy activities for companies and developing specific skills in this sector on process certification schemes, complying with European and national standards. In particular, our experts can offer business advice and assistance for the implementation of manufacturing process certification schemes complying with quality standards (UNI EN ISO 9001:2015), energy saving (UNI EN ISO 50001), environment (UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, EMAS Regulation, water footprint, Carbon footprint, Life cycle assessment) and safety (OHSAS 18001).

Audits and energy evaluations of processes and structures

D.R.E.Am. Italia has gained expertise in the field of process certification schemes and of TESLA, the European project of energy evaluation. D.R.E.Am can perform energy audits in companies through network analysers, as well as analyse company energy flows, both electric and thermal, with an indication of performance levels, of possible solutions of improvement, and of energy and economic saving attainable with time.

Energy evaluation of company processes and structures are good instruments for the Reduction of Energy Costs, promoting good practices for energy  efficiency and identifying the most efficient measures to be implemented in order to save energy and money.

Environmental services in design

During building and/or urban design it is extremely frequent to come across different restrictions  (for instance, environmentally protective or hydrogeological restrictions): that being the case, the technical positions included in the staff of D.R.E.Am. can – upon an initial evaluation of feasibility of the project involved – draw up:

  • Paperwork for landscaping authorisation, also simplified;
  • Paperwork for hydrogeological restrictions;
  • Assessment of implications;
  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA);
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).

Agri-environmental Certifications

The services that D.R.E.Am. Italia can provide are:

  • Paperwork for starting up and managing the method of integrated crop protection;
  • Paperwork for starting up and managing the biological method, having the main national certifiers as partners.
  • Keeping and management of records of processing operations concerning plant protection products;

CONTACTS Lorenzo Mini (Environmental Assessment)Giulia Bonfanti (Cerifications)