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Environmental studies and assessments

D.R.E.Am. Italia is able to provide all professionals that are required to carry out the authorisation procedures needed for the approval of Plans, Programmes and Projects.

The multidisciplinarity of D.R.E.Am. professionals (architects, environmental engineers, agronomists, forest engineers, botanists, wildlife experts, geologists), ensures a thorough approach to environmental issues (impacts) related to the implementation of a project or the approval of a plan.

The company provides expertise with regard to procedures concerning EIA, SEA and impact evaluation; as well as to monitoring wildlife (ornithological and botanic monitoring; phytosociological surveys).

Experience has been particularly gained on the assessment of the impact of civil engineering works, both in the stage of building and of operation, through in-depth studies on dust particle, noises, vibrations, management of excavated earth and rocks, surface and groundwater, discharges, waste, soil, atmosphere and proper fitting in the landscape. 


•       Professional Multidisciplinarity in just one company

•       Attention to environmental and landscape protection

•       Many years of experience

•       Awareness of on-going territorial issues

•       Possibility to carry out multi-year monitoring



Environmental impact study on the extension of A1 motorway Incisa Valdarno third lane.

Environmental impact study on the wind-farm Poggio Alto – Subbiano (AR)