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Forest design

For D.R.E.Am. Italia forest design is one of the historic sectors with which this cooperative started its activity. The presence of forest professionals graduated in Forestry and the complementarity of forest design with planning, thanks to the acquired knowledge in forestry, has lead to developing the sector of designing and works supervision on the basis of activities more closely connected with forestry, thus carrying out silvicultural projects, as well as projects concerning logging, construction or adaptation of forest roads and tracks, and all infrastructures related to silvicultural operations. Besides these types of classic forestry operations, this section also includes projects concerning AIB (forest fire-fighting) operations (firebreaks, AIB road access, AIB ponds and water storage containers, etc.), operations in relation to paths and recreational areas or, more generally, to environmental rehabilitation. These operations are often designed  on the basis of financing coming from Community calls for tender (RDP, POR CREO, FAS, etc.).

Cooperation between D.R.E.Am. forest professionals and other professional figures, which results in multidisciplinary working groups, means being able to develop all stages of project planning, from land surveys to preliminary studies to be used for the development of all the paperwork provided for under President Decree 207/2010 and Law Decree 163/2006.

Silvicultural operations aiming at fire risk reduction along Bolgheri Avenue (LI)

Maintenance and enhancement of paths in the PAFR of S. Martino – Municipality of Portoferraio (LI)

Thinning and conversion to high forest in conifer groves and beach coppices in order to reduce wildfire risk in the Forest Capanna Tassoni (MO)

Thinning in mixed transitory high forests of broadleaves in the forest of Monterufoli, municipality of Pomarance (PI)

Maintenance of firebreaks VP00/LIV in the PAFR “Colline Livornesi” – (LI)