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Smart Energy

Over last years many professionals of D.R.E.Am. Italia could cooperate in the framework of more and more complex projects concerning energy efficiency, as much as getting the Italian coordination of major European projects in the sector of energy and renewable energy. These projects show D.R.E.Am. Italia as the Italian partner of associations constituted by a number of European bodies, among which associations working in the same field, as well as significant European universities.


A European project that has particular relevance is TESLA – Transferring Energy Save Laid on Agroindustry (Tesla Project) – financed by the European Commission, through the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) calls for tender.

TESLA aims at REDUCING ENERGY COSTS within European cooperative societies working in the agrifood sector, encouraging good practices for energy efficiency through an alliance among representative organisations of cooperatives of Spain, France, Portugal and Italy, Universities, Technological sites and Research centres.

Thanks to this project D.R.E.Am. Italia could acquire experience and tools to carry out energy analysis and audits on processes and buildings, in order to identify the most efficient measures to be implemented,  so that to save energy and money.  

Renewable Energy

D.R.E.Am. Italia has been working in the sector of renewable energy for many years, and specialised in consulting on feasibility assessment and on designing and work supervising in the sector of hydroelectric plants, wind farms, photovoltaic systems, biomass and biogas systems having an agricultural or forest origin.

Construction of a 60 Kw wind mini-farm in Ruvo di Puglia (BA)

Replacement of an asbestos cement roof by a 100 Kw photovoltaic system in Montemurlo (PO)