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D.R.E.Am. Italia has twenty years’ experience in designing and work supervision in the sector of reduction and mitigation of hydrogeological imbalance, by making use both of traditional techniques of civil engineering, and of natural low-impact engineering methods.

Multidisciplinarity of the working parties aids the development of every planning step, from topographic surveys to preparatory  surveys; to structural, geotechnical and expert calculations, which can serve as a tool to develop all the paperwork provided for in Presidential Decree 207/2010, and in Law Decree 163/2006.

Activities concern mainly soil protection from landslides, gravitational movements, flooding of watercourses, hydraulic network insufficiency and natural disasters that have occurred both under routine and emergency.

Landslide consolidation and traffic restoration in Castelvecchio (LU)

Consolidation of the North-western side of old town in Montepulciano

Slope consolidation following a landslide in Cantamaggio – Municipality of Cutigliano (PT)