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Thanks to the technical expertise of its personnel, D.R.E.Am. Italia can design advanced hydraulic and civil engineering works, such as retention basins, works to reduce transport of solid material (consolidation weirs and selective weirs), banks protection, drainages and water mains, protection works of the coast and shoreline, activities aiming at increasing the through-flow capacity of water courses, and hydrological and hydraulic studies on watershed and large areas management.

Projects are based upon hydrologic and hydraulic modelling, making use of the state-of-the-art one-dimensional and two-dimensional software, taking care to optimize the hydraulic efficiency of the work by properly building the latter in the environmental context.

Construction of a retention basin on Fosso Quadrelli (PT)

Works to control erosion on Fosso Stabbiati – Campo nell’Elba (LI)

Works on safety measures concerning Torrente Vincio delle Piagge (PT)

Transport reduction of solid material and of debris flow on Torrente Nebbiaio (GR).