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D.R.E.Am’s scopes of business are numerous, and they certainly include forest fires, forestry works and civil protection, to which particular attention is paid. These issues are covered with full commitment, ranging from planning, prevention, practical and theoretical training for active fight and emergency management, up to restoration of fire-affected areas.

The forest fire fighting sector was established in D.R.E.Am. in 1991, by training forest workers and volunteers of the Region of Tuscany at the Training Centre of San Giovannese (Pentolina, Siena).

Since then, D.R.E.Am. ‘s staff has been developing expertise in this sector, which made it possible for the company to work all over Italy, to take part into many projects, and to be considered at the international level to be constituted by experts, and able to develop innovation.

Plans of fire fighting prevention, cartographies, AIB works design, thematic cartographies, publications, studies, researches, but especially theoretical and practical training.

D.R.E.Am. Italia is an accredited training agency that complies with ISO 9001/2008 standard in the environmental sector, in particular in the areas of forest fire fighting, forest activities, environmental protection and civil protection. D.R.E.Am. Italia has been working in the training sector since 1990, has carried out over 1,800 courses and trained more than 45,000 professionals with different specialisations in fourteen Italian regions, and can provide a large number of customised courses, designing organisation and management projects that prove to be the most suitable for public bodies and private companies requirements.

Training activity is meant for public and private operators at any level, from workmen to managers, from municipality employees to mayors, from officers to chiefs of police force. D.R.E.Am. Italia has trained Regional and Local bodies personnel, as well as the staff of forest companies, of voluntary associations and also of the State corps of foresters of the regions with a special statute.

The issues related to each target (forest fire fighting, forest workers, civil protection) are analysed within every typology of course, taking into account all safety-related aspects in those sectors featuring high levels of danger. This participation to courses helps both increase safety levels and, consequently, comply with requirements related to staff training, and also enhance the organisational system.

D.R.E.Am. Italia avails itself of highly-qualified instructors, and can certify not only the attendance but also the learning of the topic from each participant, as it uses a Multimedia Training System (via Internet e-learning and locally), that is an interactive multimedia system, which can level training standards and perform a continuous and constant checking of attendants’ learning levels.

Firefighter helicopter
Firefighter helicopter
Firefighters trainers
Firefighters trainers

During the last 25 years in almost every Italian region a large number of projects have been carried out in the sector of forest fire fighting, forest works and forestry equipment, civil protection, safety.

The most important and continuous activity is undoubtedly the management of the Training Centre of the Region of Tuscany, “La Pineta di Tocchi”.

In many cases theoretical and practical training does not confine itself to classes or drills, but it provides also one-on-one training to assess the different requirements of the learners, with expert instructors that can evaluate strengths and weaknesses, as well as provide suggestions to enhance the service. All this is always optimized for the client and never standardised, so that to get top effectiveness.

E-learning (Distance learning - FAD)

Forest course for the Region of Sicily for Managers, Commissioners, Technical executive officials, Inspectors and qualified Forestry experts

Instructors: Fabrizio Gressani, Forest Engineer and Luca Tonarelli, Forest Engineer

This project is placed within the scope of forest fire fighting, in the framework of prevention, conservation and protection of forest resources of the Region of Sicily. The following categories took part to this project:  Managers, Commissioners, Technical executive officials, Forest inspectors and qualified Forestry experts, totalling 230 people. Training lessons for each category are included in the FAD form under “Instructions”, where to access after the login.

Refresher course for RSPP (Responsible for safety, prevention and protection) and ASPP (Officers in charge of safety, prevention and protection)

Instructor: Francesco Fiorito, Engineer

Article 8 bis of Law Decree 626/94, subsequently amended and supplemented by Law Decree 195/03, under subparagraph 5 provides for participation to refresher courses on theoretical and practical training, to be carried out every five years; this applies to RSPP (Responsible for safety, prevention and protection) and ASPP (Officers in charge of safety, prevention and protection). Refresher Courses are carried out on the basis of what is contained in B modules (specialisation modules that are designed for the nature of the risks in the workplace and relevant activities); of the concerned production areas; of new legislation and innovation in the sector of prevention measures. Training aims at updating: knowledge on risk factors, as well as prevention and protection measures; ability to identify and assess risks; identification of technical, organisation and procedural measures aiming at risks elimination and reduction; identification of the most adequate PPE; identification of the risk factors that require health surveillance.


D.R.E.Am. Italia staff includes expert professionals who are European Chain Saw (ECC) certified for a chain-saw safe use. Training provides for both developing basic courses, related to compulsory training on the tool use, and 2nd level specific courses, as well as specific courses related to other activities in the sector of Civil Protection or forest fire fighting.

Multimedia training

D.R.E.Am. Italia is a “Credited Training Agency” that works mainly in the sectors of forest fire fighting, civil protection, and safety in forestry works.

By training – also in collaboration with other agencies and bodies – over 35,000 people in most regions, the expertise gained by D.R.E.Am. Italia makes presently possible to offer a wide range of courses, whose implementation is made through state-of-the-art educational methods, as well as organisational and management measures, that comply with ISO 90001/2008 standard.

D.R.E. Am. Italia can ensure planning and direct management of educational activities, as well as scheduling of the courses and of multifaceted training programmes, through custom-tailored developments, including Global service management of continuing education centres as well as collaboration with agencies and public bodies to which D.R.E.Am. Italia can deliver advanced know-how with regard to equipment and teaching methods selection and use.

D.R.E.Am. Italia’s projects always stem from painstaking analysis of training requirements and needs met by customers, and are designed on the basis of locations and modules, so as to offer the most effective and adequate organisational solutions.

To carry out training activities, D.R.E.Am. Italia relies on highly skilled teachers and up-to-date educational methods, among which in particular the SINAV system, which can standardise training requirements through continuous monitoring, recording and documented certification of the learning results got by each course attendee.

Documented certification of courses attendance and learning of safety regulations from each participant is regarded as particularly significant by the customer with regard to fulfilling training obligations provided for in Law Decree 81 of 9 April 2008, relating to safety in the workplace.