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A.F.A.N. - Advanced Fire Analysis Network

AFAN aims at creating a European wildfire expert knowledge-sharing network focused on fire risk analysis (or assessment) and risk reduction. The initiative has the sub-objective to scale up existing regional and national and international knowledge and capacities, transfer them with the mission of shared mutual learning and create the basis of an operational network based on trust and support to generate an overall improvement of the European wildfire emergency response capacities and coordination.

Main objectives:

-Provide a complete picture of the existing fire analysis knowledge, capacities and tools existing in Europe for national use and for international support.

-Develop a novel network structure to efficiently exchange best-available knowledge and know-how on wildfire risk analysis and provide better response into the existing wildfire responders system to face unprecedented wildfires.

-Improve the existing fire analysis skills and capacities through a mutual-learning approach, where multiple countries benefit from participating in the network, learning from each other and setting the basis for consolidation and collaboration between countries during emergencies.

-Identify the protocols to design a common framework to foster remote fire risk analysis assistance during a wildfire emergency event.

-Identify bottom-up actions between the network participant organisations (e.g. bilateral agreements) to address the needs and challenges expected in the future.

Target participants:

European civil protection experts and organizations, fire and rescue services, regional public agencies, volunteer organisations responsible of wildfire risk management, existing networks national or international, fire training centres, forestry agencies, researchers and related SMEs and EU funded projects.

Network events:

-Workshop 1: Improving wildfire analysis capacities across Europe (Barcelona, Spain)

-Workshop 2: Operational tools, science and best practices for optimised fire analysis (Monticiano, Italy)

-Webinar series (free access)

-Participatory processes

-Final event: AFAN network way forward (Gardanne, France)

Funding: Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM) call NETWORK PARTNERSHIPS, UCPM-2020-KN-AG, Project number: 101017883


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D.R.E.Am. ITALIA edited the document "Guidelines for remote assessment units": this document identifies and describes the main features of remote analysis of forest fires. Remote analysis is collected within the same organization, as well as between agencies. The goal of the guide is to create a common framework to improve interoperability between organizations. The guide has been prepared based on experience, acquired knowledge and real examples from different European countries. You can download and read the document from the following link: (Tonarelli L.; Sbaragli G.; Scopetani S., Magnani E.; Guidelines for remote assessment units. AFAN Project (2022).)

Number 5 of the magazine RIyRN (Revista Incendios y Riesgos Naturales), pages 33-34, contains an article on the Haines Index methodology, which has been translated into English thanks to AFAN project. The article can be consulted free of charge on the magazine's website (link: where it is also possible to download the latest issues available.

Cabiddu S. et al. 2021. Índice de Haines en Cerdeña, Italia. Revista Incendios y Riesgos Naturales 5:33-34[D1] (Diciembre 2021).