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Sustainable Management for Natural Environments and wildlife


DREAm works in many different sectors, with a common interest in the sustainable management of the environmental framework. Dream is able to operate with a multidisciplinary Team, thanks to the different profesionists working in the company (forestry engineers, civil and environmental engineers, geologists, biologists, topographers).

Forest Planning


Forest Planning is one the most important sectors of the Company, developed since the beginning of the activity. A deep technical and scientific knowledge has been developed in the Forest Ecology, Planning and Management. During the last years the activities have been diversified, including Hydrogeological Control and Design, Environmental Monitoring, Biomass Resources, Renewable Energies and Environmental and Forestry Certification.


Conservation of natural environments and sustainable development


DREAm pays a particular attention to the conservation of natural environments, supporting in the management of the Natural Parks and Protected Areas where relevant habitats and species are present. DREAm owns a pluriannual experience in the planning and management of the Protected Areas, such as ZPS and SIC. DREAm has also a large experience in writing, leading and coordinating European LIFE and LEADER Projects.


Fauna conservation and management


Since 1987 DREAm is been working for faunistic monitoring and managing, eco-ethologic studies and researches, hunting management and planning, prevention of damages caused by wild animals, environmental benchmarking. Standard techniques to monitor and survey animals are used, also with GPS tracking. During the last years, a continuous activity of research and experimentation has been carried out to find and validate new techniques.


Cartography, Tourism and Territory


D.R.E.Am. MAP is the brand to identify our specialistic services of cartography and topography. We produce digital georefered topographic layers thematic maps, touristic and hiking maps and scientific publications. Our maps are produced using the most advanced technologies and they are available both on paper and digital, to be use with PGS or by mobile app.




Technical consulting and environmental assessments


Thanks to the multidisciplinary staff, DREAm can provide technical support to carry out any environmental assessment, needed for big operas and infrastructures, such as Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Effects Assessment, Strategic Environmental Assessment.


Digital products and services


The IT sector of DREAm is able to completely develop “web-based” applications, where the data base is hosted in an on-line server, to allow the final user to use the service wherever there is an internet connection. We mainly develop GIS solutions, using WebGis applications, customized to meet the requests of the Customer. Open Source technologies are used to guarantee the respect of the OGC standards. The main tools we work with, are: DBMS PostgreSQL, PostGIS, OpenLayers, MapServer, ecc.