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D.R.E.Am. MAP is the sector that stems from D.R.E.Am. Italia’s concern to identify an operational area specialised in cartography production, a field where the company has already been a leader since the 1980’s with regard to contexts within its expertise through the implementation of  Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and thematic cartography, which are key elements for land-use planning and design of relevant projects, besides being used in publishing products meant for tourists (Tourist and hiking cartography, software applications).


This thirty-year experience, which is characterised by extreme attention paid to details over the whole productive process, starting from local data capture, through digitalisation up to maps lay-out and publishing, presently enables us to offer high quality cartographic products at the required scales.


In particular, at the request of the customer, georeferenced digital topographic basis are produced, by means of Open Source data subsequently integrated with the data captured directly by our operators. Thanks to its ability to directly deal with every step of the productive process, D.R.E.Am. Italia is a leading company in the field of Tourist and Hiking Maps production, which are widely spread in the most important national parks and protected areas. In this regard it is important to stress that our hiking maps are made through state-of-the-art digital technologies and are available both in the printed version or in a georeferenced digital format to be used with the modern GPS and Smartphones.


A qualified technical staff, professionalism and know-how, together with advanced software/hardware, ensure the production of maps featuring high quality and geometrical precision, besides their timely delivery.


The services that are being offered are meant for public and private bodies, associations, territorial entities, universities, CAI (Italian Alpine Club), unions of municipalities, territorial and tourism agencies.

Our products are advertised both through traditional communication channels (catalogues and news mailing) and by the Internet, showing our image on all the main social networks.

Cartographic products made by D.R.E.Am. MAP, which can be directly marketed by D.R.E.Am. Italia, can also be bought online by looking at the special section “Store”, or at the foremost authorised dealers’ that can be found all over Italy.