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Forest and pasture land planning

The Planning sector has always been a major company operating sectors, and also today is the core of most activities in the field of forestry and environment. The scopes are the following:

Forest resources development

D.R.E.Am. develops forest planning innovating methodologies, as well as support software suitable for different Italian regions, making use of tools such as WEB GIS, LIDAR technologies, Regional forest inventories.

Forest and pasture land plans

D.R.E.Am. has been a synonym of forest planning since its establishment, which took place in 1978. Over the years D.R.E.Am. has gained remarkable experience within all the country, being the first company to make use of computer processing for forest planning. Since its establishment, it has been developing multidisciplinary planning methodologies in the sector of forestry, supported by vegetation, wildlife, pedologic and phytopathologic studies, aiming at a sustainable management of forest resources, anticipating in forest plans the present issues concerning forest certification and protected areas planning.

Technical and planning assistance

D.R.E.Am. has always carried out technical assistance activities in favour of Public bodies and private parties, thanks to in-depth knowledge of forest resources, national and regional regulations, bureaucratic procedures, and multidisciplinary skills of its technical staff.

Studies and surveys

Thanks to the presence in D.R.E.Am. staff of multidisciplinary technical figures, the scopes of study are numerous (vegetation, phytosociological, psychopathological, pedologic, landscaping, etc.).

Land reclamation and hydraulic-forest organization

Over last years, the activities of the Forests and Parks sector has further diversified, developing procedures and applications aimed at implementing studies, surveys, censuses and design proposals within the scope of Land reclamation and Hydraulic-forest organization.


Since the beginning, D.R.E.Am. Italia has always regarded the use of digital cartography, especially within planning, as a strategic element with huge potentials, going as far as starting in the 80’s the development of its own GIS. With the advent of software manufactured by dedicated companies or by open source communities, it proved to be more appropriate to use the GISs that were already available on the market. The different activities carried out during the years have enabled D.R.E.Am. Italia to gain a remarkable knowledge with regard to the use of the different GIS packages being presently used in Italy and worldwide: MapInfo, ArcView, ArcGis, QGis.

Training courses

D.R.E.Am. has carried out several training courses meant for different users, and has obtained accreditation from the Region of Tuscany as Training Agency, carrying out training activities in the sectors of environment, forest fire-fighting, forestry and wildlife.