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Development and enhancement of forest resources

D.R.E.Am. develops innovative methodologies in the sector of forest planning and support software suitable for the different Italian regional entities.

Innovative methodologies for forest planning and IT support platforms

WebPGAF is a software dedicated to the design of Forest Management Plans (PGAF) created by D.R.E.Am. Italia for the Region of Latium. It is based solely upon Web GIS and Open Source technology, which implies no licence costs and possible further development of the software. It  can manage cartographic and alphanumeric information stored in a central database, which can be accessible and altered in real time from any Internet terminal. It makes it possible to draw statistics and reports, easily and in real time, on forest planning on a regional level. Presently about 40,000 hectares owned by municipalities and regions have been planned.

Vignoli M., Niccolini M., Chioccioli P., Zani A. e Gaglioppa P., 2014. WebPGAF, l'applicativo per la pianificazione forestale nel Lazio - The application for forest planning in Latium. Sherwood 206, Ottobre-Novembre 2014.

A similar software has been developed to plan abouta 50.000 Hectars of forestry managed by  Ente Foreste of the Region of Sardinia.

Methodologies of forest planning and assessent of wood biomass through LIDAR technology

Digital Terrain Modelling
Digital Canopy Modelling

Thanks to the Project LIDARFORMAN D.R.E.Am. has developed and adopted forest planning methodologies based upon LIDAR (Light Detecting and Ranging) technology. Digital models of canopies (CHM) and of terrain (DTM) got through LIDAR flights make it possible: .

  • Thorough estimation of growing stocks
  • Detailed surveys of forest roads
  • Precise definition of hauling systems

LIDAR technology is triggering a revolution in Forest Planning, also thanks to the increasing availability of flights performed for different goals (regional planning, hydrogeological disruption, land register activities).

Forest information systems and forest inventories

In the light of previous experience (IFT Tuscan Forest Inventory, SIFRS Forest Information System of the region of Sicily), D.R.E.Am. is able to design information systems including forest inventories, forest cartography, support software at a regional and national level.