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Forest and Pasture Plans

Planning provides for the following services:

Planning a district level

Services of forest planning at a district level include the design of Forest Guidance Plans/(PIF), as well as Forest Territorial Plans (PFT).

Forest Management Plans

Planning at a property level includes Forest Management Plans, and Forest Plans of operations and Working Plans (PGAF).

Pastureland Plans

Planning of pasture and silvicultural resources include the plans containing livestock assessment by phyto-pastoral analysis or Argenti’s, planning of infrastructures showing pasture features, pasture regulation.

Planning of tourist recreational resources

Planning of tourist recreational resources in the framework of agriculture and forestry concerns tourist operations and facilities, such as parking and assistance areas, hiking trails, etc.

Felling plans

D.R.E.Am. designs felling plans for forest private and public companies.

Forest certification

D.R.E.Am. provides assistance to public and private bodies that want to start working in the sector of forest certification, and provides support for the maintenance of certification.

Carbon credits

Services provided by D.R.E.Am. include carbon stocks estimation in forest ecosystems, carbon credits.

Wood chain industry

Wood-energy chain management, dimensioning and design of heating and cogeneration of wood biomass plants, on the basis of available resources.

Timber for building purposes: evaluation and use of the assortments that can be derived from silvicultural practices.

Civic uses

Planning of silvopastoral areas subject to public use requirements, drafting of regulations concerning civic use of pastures and timber.

Promotion of pooled management of forest resources, management of forest consortiums.