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Natural habitats conservation and sustainable development

D.R.E.Am. Italia pays special attention to natural resources enhancement within protected areas management, as well as in lands with habitats or species regarded as being of overriding national and community interest (parks, preserves, SCI/SPA), and has gained several years’ experience in drawing up Management plans and reports on Conservation measures, thanks to the numerous interdisciplinary professionals working in the company.

Moreover, with time the company has gained expertise and professionalism in planning and carrying out LIFE and LEADER projects.

Planning of Natura 2000 network

Natura 2000 is the European Union’s major instrument with regard to its policy for biodiversity conservation. Areas that constitute the Natura 2000 network are not rigidly protected reserves that do not include human activities; the Habitats directive provides for “nature protection taking into account also economic, social and cultural requirements, as well as regional and local peculiarities” (Art. 2).

Natura 2000 sites require a sustainable management both from an ecological and economical point of view, thus a multidisciplinary planning that aims at natural resources utilisation, ensuring habitats and species provided for in the Directive.