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Wildlife conservation and management

Since 1987 D.R.E.AM. Italia has been dealing with wildlife studies, in particular specialising in Ungulates (especially deer, roe dear, fallow deer and wild boar), wolf, chiropterans and birds, as well as in other animal taxa, such as hare, mustelids, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates. Standard census techniques and data processing are used, which makes it possible to perform accurate spatial and temporal comparisons, also by designing dedicated software on storage and management of gathered information, which can be connected in real time to digital cartography through GIS; as well as to use the organisms being studied as environmental indicators.

The Company took part to the technical working group established by the Ministry of Environment and by the Institute for Environment Protection and Research (ISPRA) with the goal of setting out a National Action Plan for the conservation of capreolus capreolus ssp. Italicus, and worked with ISPRA to create a “Guide to biometric survey of ungulates”.

Since 2009 it has been a technical partner of LIPU (Italian league for bird protection) and  of Ministry for Agriculture and Forest, with regard to the issues concerning the assessment of population trends as well as analysis of data included in the Italian Ornithological Monitoring. And finally, it co-represents Italy in the EBBC, i.e. the European Bird Count Council.

It takes part into “Eurodeer European Database”, a project aiming at collecting and processing telemetric data collected by GPS-GSM techniques, in order to improve knowledge on roe deer (capreolus capreolus L.) ethology, together with European renowned research groups.

Basic cognitive surveys and censuses

D.R.E.Am. deals with planning and implementing basic investigations and quantitative estimations of populations in the field of wildlife. The methods being used range from those that are the most acknowledged in the sector, which are selected on the basis both of the species and of the characteristics of the territory, to other approaches which, with regard to the experiences carried out in other Italian and international contexts, are adjusted to the relevant environmental framework. The animal taxa that are concerned are Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians and Invertebrates.

Conservation, management and prevention

Planning, design and implementation of actions aimed at endangered species conservation. Support-related services to managing entities for the management of conflicts among wildlife, territory and anthropogenic activities.

Biological indicators and environmental evaluations

Monitoring aiming at assessing environmental impacts due to man-made works. Zoological studies to support EIA, SEA, VINCA (Assessment of environmental implications), and more generally monitoring of environmental quality.

Wildlife hunting sector

Planning, design and support to Regions, Provinces and ATC (Hunting Territorial Areas) with regard to hunting activities. Development of management software meant for administrations as a support in planning and implementing hunting activities. Wildlife hunting planning. Technical support to hunting institutes. Management and conservation strategies on damages brought about by wildlife on farming.

Wildlife recovery and wild animals capture

Planning, management and implementation of sessions of capture of wild animals for conservation projects (reintroduction activities), for management objectives (control activities and health activities) and for public security.

Training courses

D.R.E.Am. carries out training courses on wildlife management, activities that are designed for different typologies of users: hunters, supervisory boards, students, experts, etc. Moreover it attends educational events such as workshops, meetings and public technical-scientific conferences.