Early 2000s-today
The reorganisation

  • Another reorganisation of the company, now looking at the market and creating Business Units headed by a General Director. It starts with the development of internationalisation and European projects.It is the beginning of the generational change.
Early 2000s

New company reorganisation

  • The consolidation of previous service and training activities was accompanied in these years by projects acquired thanks to the Tender Office, the company’s quality certification, accreditation as a Training Agency

D.R.E.Am. s.r.l. is founded – Dimension, Research, Ecology and Environment

  • The strategy changes, the focus is now on diversified technical services. The upturn begins to make itself felt, the choices are the right ones: alliances with other competitors, expansion into the national market, development of the Tender Office, the Agricultural Inspection Service and Forest Fire Training.
LATE 1980S

Crisis of the two cooperatives

  • it is a difficult time for the entire cooperative movement, which suffers from a general negative climate due to scandals involving other enterprises. The crisis is hitting members, as a result of the financial uncertainties issued.
Growth of the two companies

  • Development of innovative technical services, including: the first IT technologies and methodologies applied to forest planning, technical assistance to mountain communities, integrated environmental planning
late 1970s

SCAF and Argentèa cooperatives were founded