Monitoring and Conservation
of Nature

The conservation of nature and biodiversity is a very important aspect that is fully covered by D.R.E.Am. Italy. In this area, specific technical areas are developed and operate in an integrated and multidisciplinary manner, thanks to the presence in the D.R.E.Am. workforce of personnel characterised by a high academic and professional profile with expertise in the entire environmental sector (in particular forestry, geology, biology, zoology, engineering and cartography).

D.R.E.Am. Italia pays particular attention to Naturalistic Qualification in the management of Protected Areas or territories with habitats or species of relevant national and community interest (Parks, Reserves, Natura 2000 sites) and has many years of experience in the drafting of Management Plans and Conservation Measures.


Wildlife conservation and management

Management Plans Natura 2000 Areas

Conservation Measures
Natura 2000 areas
Protected Area Plannig

Basic knowledge surveys and flora and fauna censuses

Wildlife recovery and capture

Application of IBP index of potential biodiversity

Management and control plans for wildlife species
Studies for environmental authorisations
EIA, VINCA, screening studies, landscape authorisations, etc..

Biological and ecological monitoring of watercourses


Technical Assistance and
Environmental Assessments



Dr. Marcello Miozzo
Head of Area Monitoring and Conservation of Nature