Monitoring of Arthropods in the Pollino National Park.

Implementation of monitoring aimed at acquiring knowledge to update the forms of Natura 2000 sites on the Calabrian side of the Pollino National Park National Park Arthropods of Community interest.

The activities carried out have allowed to complete the distribution picture and identify the conservation status of the following species of Arthropods: COLEOPTERA (Buprestis splendens, Cerambyx cerdo, Cucujus (Hemmatodes), Rosalia alpina, Osmoderma italicum, Morimus asper, Lucanus tetraodon), ODONATA (Cordulegaster trinacriae, Coenogrion mercuriale), ORTHOPTERA (Saga pedo), LEPIDOPTERA (Papilio alexanor, Phengaris Arion, Melanargia arge, Zerynthia cassandra, Parnassius emomnsyne, Euplagia quadrictaria).

Information was also provided on the presence of threats, pressures, criticalities and possible impacts caused by anthropogenic activities and natural dynamics, and an assessment of possible interference, direct and indirect, between the anthropic activities and the investigated species in the areas of presence and in the surrounding areas.

CLIENT: Ente Parco Nazionale del Pollino
DATE: 2018-2021