Forest Firefighting and
Civil Protection

The forest fire-fighting sector was established at D.R.E.Am. in 1991 and, thanks to its highly qualified staff, all aspects of the phenomenon are dealt with: forecasting, prevention, training and education for active fire-fighting and emergency management, up to the restoration of affected areas.

More than 9,000 courses have been held, training over 75,000 workers in almost all Italian regions, making it a leading company in the forest fire-fighting sector and an international reference point for method and innovation applied to training. The training activity is aimed at public and private operators of all levels, from workers to managers, from municipal technicians to mayors, from agents to police officers. D.R.E.Am. has trained personnel from the regions, local authorities, forestry companies, volunteers and the State Forestry Corps in all aspects of safety in sectors with high levels of danger.


Fire Prevention Plans

Forest Fire-Fighting Training

Municipal plans
of civil protection

Forecasts and bulletins
of Forest Fire-Fighting weather analysis

Prescribed burning


Dr. Luca Tonarelli
Head of Area Forest Fire Fighting and Civil Protection