Operational forest fire mapping

The operational forest fire mapping was born as a pilot project with the Province of Grosseto in 2012, funded by the AIB office of the Tuscany Region. The idea proposed by D.R.E.Am., was to create a thematic cartography dedicated to the AIB that would be useful to the Directors of AIB operations in the territory.

The maps were built starting from the regional map base with land use (transformed by merging types of forest species that could be united as fuel models), level curves (transformed 1 every 25 meters), listed points, state and provincial roads, water points, streams and rivers, inhabited.

To these data have been added in participation with the staff of the Province a series of important AIB specific themes such as municipal boundaries and borders areas DO Competent, water points (AIB reservoirs, tanks, hydrants and swimming pools), power lines (AT, MT, RFI), municipal and forest roads.


Digital developments for operating rooms

The digitization of all the themes useful to the AIB organization has also found an operational and application development in formats compatible with Google Earth Pro, freeware used in the Operating Rooms. The themes and the symbology have been developed in line with the artacean maps, so as to be easily understandable for the end users.

The possible applications are many and are aimed at maximizing the cooperation between the AIB DO and the COS (Room Operations Coordinator) in order to improve the efficiency of field operations.

DATE: 2013-in corso
CLIENT: Regione Toscana, Regione Molise, Regione Abruzzo, Parco Nazionale dell’Isola di Pantelleria