Business consulting for agriculture and forestry enterprises

D.R.E.Am. is able to respond to the needs of agricultural and forestry enterprises by deploying a team of Agronomists, Foresters and Engineers who promote Rural Development in the territory through consultancy, technical assistance and planning activities.

Through the opportunities offered by the Rural Development Plans (R.D.P.) of the Regions and other Bodies (INAIL, ISMEA, CCIAA) D.R.E.Am. is able to activate financing requests in favour of agricultural and forestry enterprises aiming also to the entry of young people into agriculture, to the consolidation of already established enterprises (calls for support to investments in agricultural enterprises), to the introduction of organic farming, to the support to investments in the creation and development of extra-agricultural activities up to the more complex Integrated Supply Chain Projects (P.I.F.) whose objective is the creation of agricultural and agro-forestry supply chains through the aggregation of several participants.


Technical and bureaucratic assistance for enterprises
Activation of funding applications
Consulting, technical assistance, project proposals
Workplace and food safety

Environmental consulting services

Consulting on Integrated Supply Chain Projects (I.P.F.)

Professional training activities


Dr. Andrea Triossi
Head of Area Agricultural and Forestry Business Development