Intervention to promote natural regeneration

Design and construction of a forestry project on centenary of fir and douglasia. The aim is to encourage the dynamics of natural renewal of the forest through the execution of a seeding cut, aimed at modulating the amount and quality of light energy incident on the ground to create conditions conducive to the settlement of natural renewal. The selected subjects, selected by a selective criterion by a team of technicians, follow the most recent publications in the literature.

The project, although independent, shares the objectives of the project PS GO Do.Na, To (Douglasiete Natural Tuscan) to enhance the market of douglasia and study the self-ecology. The area plays, finally, the role of an important study site to analyze the response of natural successions that the intervention has triggered.

CLIENT: Private
DATE: 2018
PARTNER: Az. Agroforestale Vivarelli Enrico