Agronomic services and Assessments on European Funds

D.R.E.Am. Italia has developed a sector at the service of Public Administrations and the entire ‘National Agricultural World’, with respect to which a constant support action has grown over time to meet their needs. Italy’s participation in the European Community and the obligation to ensure the correct application of Community Regulations for the management of aid directed towards the agricultural world (Common Agricultural Policy CAP) has allowed D.R.E.Am. to act as a valid interlocutor for National and/or Regional Paying Agencies, in charge of verifying the entitlement and appropriateness of the premiums to be paid, for Producers’ Organisations, or directly for Agricultural Enterprises in the control and verification process. By adapting its services over time to changes in reference regulations, EU and otherwise, the sector is able to intervene on a large territorial scale and in all sectors of agriculture in support of the respective Administrations.


Photo interpretation of aerial images

Objective Controls (Corporate and Surface)

Environmental Monitoring
Project Refresh (constitution and administrative validation of the graphic business file)

Updating databases, administrative and documents records

Controls on Structural Measures

Technical Assistance

Agronomic surveys on the ground

Specialist surveys with GPS



Dr. Marco Mariotti
Head of Area Controls and Investigations on Community Funding