In-Load and Ex-Post Controls on Investments P.S.R.

The project, included in the Rural Development Programmes of the Campania and Apulia Regions, has ensured the coordination and implementation of the two types of checks provided for by the Community regulations in the respective implementation phases of the approved investments:

  • On-the-spot checks to verify the appropriateness of the payment applications subject to the implementation of the individual investment in compliance with the applicable rules, with the respect of the eligibility criteria, commitments and other obligations relating to the conditions for the granting of support (Reg. EU 809/2014 art. 51);
  • Ex-post controls for the verification of the commitments provided for by Reg. 809/2014 art. 52 that the Beneficiary Entities are obliged to respect in the period following the realisation of the investment and the liquidation of the recognised contribution.

CLIENT: AGEA (Agenzia per le Erogazioni in Agricoltura)
DATE: 2021/2022
AMOUNT: Budget totale € 1.550.968.93
PARTNER: Cooprogetti Soc. Coop., Agrotecnica Arpa Soc. Coop., Soc. Coop.