Prescribed Fire

In many parts of the world, fire has been used by experienced personnel for years to limit the amount of flammable plant material in the undergrowth, in open bushy areas, and thus make forests more fire-resistant.
This technique is called “prescribed fire” and is applied scrupulously following a project drawn up by qualified personnel. The plan provides for its application only in the presence of precise weather conditions, so as not to damage the soil, fauna and vegetation that must be protected.

The training of personnel assigned to these operations is trained by D.R.E.Am. Italy in the AIB Training Centre of the Tuscany Region “La Pineta of Tocchi. Knowledge of fire management prepares operators to fight more effectively and safely dangerous uncontrolled fires.

D.R.E.Am. was in Italy the first to use this technique, realizing the first Plan for the Adaptation and Maintenance of the Prefire Paths in the Regional Forest of La Merse in the Province of Siena.

DATE: 2018/2022
CLIENT: Regione Toscana ed enti competenti, Regione Sicilia, Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia, Regione Puglia, Regione Campania.