PigBrig is the simplest and most effective wild boar trapping system developed to date.

Made in the USA, it is now also accessible in Italy thanks to D.R.E.Am, the sole authorised retailer in Italy who, in addition to sales, also provides training for the first field installation and assistance for the subsequent stages.

PigBrig makes all the difference: transport is light, it takes one person less than an hour to set up the structure, animal entry is continuous (there are no gates to prevent further boars from entering), the technology is the trap itself, and it does not need GSM network connections or other electronic equipment to function.

The professional technicians of D.R.E.Am Italia, who have more than ten years’ experience in trapping wild animals, have already been active in Calabria, Umbria, Veneto, Piedmont and Liguria to train and install the trapping devices. To present the Pig Brig traps, we will be present at the Caccia Village in Bastia Umbra on 12-13-14 May with a dedicated stand, where it will be possible to see the trapping system closely.

More info: www.dream-italia.it/pigbrig