Arboreal Census and Stability Assessments of plants under management at Florence City Council District 5.

The Service consists in the computerised census and Arboreal Stability Assessment of the trees managed by District 5 of the Municipality of Florence for the four-year period 2021-2025.
The visual VSAs are accompanied, when necessary, by instrumental surveys with dendrodensimeter, tomograph and/or static or dynamic pulling test.
In addition, the assignment includes the performance of elevation inspections and canopy consolidation design, and survey using portable laser scanners.

CLIENT: Comune di Firenze
DATE: 2021-ongoing
PARTNER: R.T.I. with Agroservice, Studio Verde s.r.l., Studio Associato Ce.S.A.F. and Dr. agr. Ivan Snidero.
ARBORAL HERITAGE: approx. 16,000 plants