The CO2.F.Fo.Ma Marche project

The CO2.F.Fo.Ma Marche project (Calculation and Certification of Carbon Sequestration in Managed Forests) was funded by the P.S.R. 2014-2020 Marche Region and implemented in 2019-2023.

The objective was to promote the Sustainable Forest Management (GFS) of the forest assets managed by the Marche region’s 3 SAF (Agro-Silvo-Pastoral Property Management Society) and the Catria Consortium Company. D.R.E.Am. Italia, the technical project partner, has coordinated and/or carried out consultancy in the following activities of the PEI Operational Group:

  • Adaptation of existing forest management plans;
  • GFS certification through the PEFC certification scheme of more than 9,000 has been managed;
  • Specific forest analyses concerning epigeal biomass, litter, organic horizon, and soil, for the qualitative-quantitative definition of the Sustainability Credits obtainable from the GFS;
  • Preparation of a computer platform for the exchange of information between potential bidders and buyers of the Credits mentioned above;
  • Training and transfer of technical know-how to the forest workers of the Consorzio Marche Verdi (project partner).

Training related to marketing, communication, and fundraising activities in support of the emerging Bosco di Marca Certification Group.

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CLIENTE: Regione Marche
DATA: 2019-2023
PARTNER: Saf Marche (capofila) – Saf Monti Azzurri – Saf Tronto – Az. Sp. Cons. Catria – Dream Italia – Promoter – PEFC – Cursa CIA Ancona