Twelve years after the last release of the Italian roe deer (Capreolus capreolus italicus) in the Aspromonte National Park (made by Italy), on the initiative of ATC RC1 and in particular of Commissioner Avv. Massimo Canale, in recent days there have been monitoring activities aimed at verifying the success of the project: today for the first time the species has also been registered outside the protected area.
Last 22 and 23 April have carried out the counts aimed at verifying both the distribution of the species (observations from mapped advantageous points) and the density on a local scale (sampling on test areas).
Particularly significant is the involvement of hunters, active participants even without the prospect of culling, demonstrating a maturity of approach for knowledge of the species in a context where often this is not put first in the managerial choices.

From the first results, we can say that the species has boldly crossed the natural boundaries of the Park reaching a good density even in areas far from the original release sites, confirming the various observations recorded during the weekend event.

The protagonists of the event were more than eighty volunteers belonging to hunting associations, environmentalists, hiking guides and free citizens who thanks to their participation, collaboration, and enthusiasm were fundamental to the outcome of the work.