Arboreal Management Plan Municipality of Pisa

Urban Green is a useful element to improve the quality of life in the city and the tree heritage is one of its most important components.

The Municipality of Pisa’s Plan for the Care and Management of Green Areas is a complex document, which attempts to mediate between the various instances that the stakeholders manifest for the care and management of a resource that is as important as it is fragile in a man-made environment such as the city.

The document analyses the current conditions of the green heritage (with particular focus on the arboreal heritage), the ordinary and extraordinary management methods, the legal and regulatory framework, with an eye to a new Vision for the Urban Green, which takes into account the constitution of a true Urban Green Infrastructure and the valorisation of the Ecosystem Services that the municipal arboreal heritage generates, in order to offer a range of possible Objectives for future management and the relative measurement and monitoring indicators.

CLIENT: Municipality of Pisa
DATE: 2021-2022
PARTNER: Studio Associato Ce.S.A.F.
ARBORAL HERITAGE: 18,000 plants