Detailed Forest Plans in Sardinia Region

The assignment consisted in the drafting of the Detailed Forest Management Plans for 13 Sardinian state-owned forests managed by Fo.Re.S.T.A.S., covering an area of 51,340 ha, and involved a working group of more than 100 technicians coordinated by a Project Management staff of 12 people and a Technical-Scientific Committee made up of 3 university professors in the field of Forestry and Environmental Sciences.

The plans were accompanied by thematic mapping, and the alpha-numeric and cartographic data were entered and managed on an open source web-based platform specially programmed by

The field surveys were accompanied by the use of LIDAR data for the estimation of woody biomass and the characterisation of forest morphometric and accessibility parameters. The plans are accompanied by special studies concerning the management of open areas, cork cultivation and the AIB component.

During the drafting process, a complex and thorough participatory process was prepared, involving numerous stakeholders interested in forest management.

DATe: 2011-2015
AMOUNT: total budget 1.233.583 €
PARTNER: R.D.M. Progetti s.r.l.