Experimental plan for the control of phossorial species

Some species of meso mammals present in Italy, such as badger (Meles meles), fox (Vulpes vulpes), porcupine (Hystrix crestata) and nutria (Myocastor coypus), are defined fossories for their habit of digging underground dens. The presence of dens in the river banks, which in some cases may have discrete linear developments, is one of the causes of weakening of the same, with consequences risk of breakage. The purpose of this Project is to:

  • analyze the phenomenon in the areas of competence, identifying the target species and the extent, spatial and temporal distribution of damage;
  • prepare the Management Plan (development of the catch protocol, definition of the methods of disposal and disposal, verification of the release sites);
  • perform capture and/or translocation operations.

CLIENT: Consorzio di Bonifica 3 Medio Valdarno
DATE: 2019/2021