Forest Inventory in Sicily Region

The assignment consisted in preparing the Forest Inventory in Sicily Region. The project covered an area of approximately 2.5 million km² and was prepared based on the standards of the National Forest Inventory and Forest Carbon Sinks.

The objective of the forest inventory is to collect information on the quantity and quality of forest resources, and on the characteristics of the territory occupied by forest formations. The most recent trends in the field of inventories go in the direction of continuous monitoring of forest resources, promoting the inventory as a tool for collecting information at constant, rather than episodic, intervals. All this is aimed at verifying the sustainability of the use of forest resources.
The forest inventory has such characteristics as to fit organically into the Forestry Information System (FIS), of which it constitutes the most relevant mass of data. It has the following aims

  • Provide an overall picture of the regional forest heritage
  • Building a coherent and detailed set of information on forest formations and the areas they occupy for those specifically involved in the management, protection and enhancement of these resources
  • To implement a consistent and detailed database, able to feed into the Forestry Information System of the Region of Sicily without any particular difficulty.


CLIENTE: Regione Sicilia e Corpo Forestale Regionale
DATA: 2008-2012
IMPORTO: Budget totale 5.699.600 €
PARTNER: R.D.M. Progetti s.r.l. – Engineering s.p.a. – Italtel s.p.a.