Forest Management Plan of the PAFR ‘Alto Tevere’ Forest Complex

The drafting of the Alto Tevere FMP, managed by the Unione Montana dei Comuni della Valtiberina, covered a total area of 4,299 ha. One of the objectives was to differentiate the forms of management in order to achieve the conservation of resources, an increase in biodiversity and, therefore, the continuity, effectiveness and efficiency of the forests and mountain territory. The management guidelines of the FMP therefore represent the result of a participatory and shared management of the territory with the Managing Authority and all the stakeholders, based on the concept of sustainable forest management, also in connection with the integrated supply chain project (PIF) “The wood road between the Arno and Tiber valleys: how public bodies and companies operate in the integrated development of the forest supply chain”.

CLIENT: Mountain Union of Municipalities of Valtiberina
DATE: 2020-2022