Interventions to prevent hydrogeological instability on the upstream side of Chiessi and interventions to safeguard the network in the ditch of cottons in loc. Chiessi nel comune di marciana (LI) – Measure 5.1 a), b)- PIT 2016 – “Clever Land on Elba Capraia and Giglio Island”

The planned and direct interventions are part of two actions:

  • Preventive actions of the hydrogeological instability with the realization of investments aimed at the implementation ex novo (also in continuity with pre-existing works)prevention and mitigation of hydrogeological instability in agriculture and containment and consolidation of the slopes, that in the present case concerned the upstream side of the village of Chiessi once cultivated and at the time of the project heavily denuded and with phenomena of superficial erosion that were contrasted with the construction of regimation works (new sections of water that convey to the water collection points consisting of both the ditch and the wells downstream; new sections of dry stone walls to restore a portion of the slope completely eroded).
  • New investments (also in continuity with existing works) aimed at safeguarding the efficiency of the hydraulic network (natural and artificial) in agricultural areas and in particular at the expense of the Fosso dei Cotoni, near Chiessi, with the realization of longitudinal and transverse hydraulic arrangement works.

CLIENT: Union of Municipalities Montana Colline Metallifere
DATE: 2018/2022