Management of the wild boar in the Park of Sasso Simone and Simoncello

The project involved the creation of a medium-term management model of the wild boar in the Park of Sasso Simone and Simoncello for the resolution of compatibility problems between the management of wild boar fauna and the activities spread throughout the territory, especially agricultural-forestry.

The proposed management model has been formulated in compliance with current legislation on protected areas and wildlife and according to the directives of the Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA). It is also based on knowledge of the territory, through environmental analysis and monitoring of the population and the local reality in function of the interactions of wild boar on human activities.

The operational phases of the project can be summarized in:

  • training of operators involved in monitoring and control plans;
  • monitoring of wild boar according to specific standardised protocols and methods;
    testing of damage prevention systems and deterrent methods (dissuasive feed, metal and electrical fences;
  • use of deterrent systems through disturbance activities to encourage the movement of animals outside the Park and use of alternative food sources;
  • numerical control of the population through a sampling plan through the application of various techniques: capture of live animals with manhole covers, collection with firearms (shooting and selective shooting technique);
  • involvement through the dissemination of the activities undertaken by the social components concerned (farmers, hunters, environmentalists, etc.).

The effectiveness of the measures implemented has been checked periodically and the annual wild boar harvesting plan has been drawn up on the basis of the results achieved.”

CLIENT: A.S.U.R. Zona Territoriale n. 2 Urbino
DATE: 2005 – 2009