Recovery and environmental redevelopment in the Tuscan Archipelago Islands. Executive project for the construction of a nursery for the preservation of species of conservation interest – Capraia Island

With a view to achieving the objectives linked to climate change, the project involves the construction of a nursery on the island of Capraia for cultivation, using methods specific to the warm and dry Mediterranean countries (arid farming, irrigation deficit), and the conservation of the genome of native island plant species of conservation interest from the forest ecosystems of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, usable in the environmental restoration practices of the seven islands of the Archipelago.

The nursery will be built by recovering old agricultural terraces with dry stone walls and a historical source for water supplies. There will be an annex area with a shed equipped with a system of rainwater recovery from the roof for use in the greenhouse, while electricity will be provided from renewable sources (photovoltaic system).

CLIENT: Tuscan Archipelago National Park
DATE: 2021/2022