Wild meat supply chain

The Wild meat supply chain Project was launched in the Province of Pistoia with the objective of bringing meat to consumers’ tables, starting from animals harvested by means of interventions aimed at limiting damage to agriculture.

The project envisaged the following phases:

  • organisation of information and communication initiatives on the organoleptic properties of meat and how to consume it,
  • addressed both to the general public and to those working in the catering sector, hotel schools, etc;
  • events to promote the supply chain as an opportunity for local economic development, through the involvement of agricultural, hunting and environmental associations;
  • creation of the supply chain through the stipulation of specific agreements with commercial subjects able to ensure the post-project phase;
  • organisation of courses for hunters trained in hygiene and health, pursuant to Council Resolution RT No. 910 of 4/11/2013;
  • creation of facilities (rest centres) for conservation and initial hygiene and health treatments directly in the slaughter areas.

CLIENT: Ambito Territoriale di Caccia (A.T.C.) Pistoia n. 11
DATE: 2015 – 2016