Inclusion of Technicians Specialised in Agronomic Technical Services for the National Agricultural Information System.

The Consorzio Stabile Arcodrea Engineering S.C. a.r.l. has planned the insertion of new resources to expand the group of Technicians and Experts engaged in consultancy and control activities aimed at the disbursement of EU funding. The new professional figures will have to take on the role of: – Technician Specialised in territorial data collection;
– Technician Specialised in Company Audit;
– Expert in the control of structural interventions.

The selected candidates will be included in a training course that will lead them to obtain the necessary qualifications to join the register of Controllers for Agronomic Technical Services of the National Agricultural Information System.
The Arcodrea Consortium was set up with the aim of carrying out the services entrusted by AGEA and MIPAAF, as well as by other subjects such as Regions and Regional Paying Agencies, or included in the National Agricultural Information System, in application of national and community regulations. D.R.E.Am. Italia, as a member of the Consortium, is directly involved in the organisation and implementation of the specific activities it carries out with over ten years’ experience in all the Sectors involved and throughout the country.