L’assessore Saccardi in visita al Progetto CatchCo2

On 2 August 2021, the Councillor for Agricultural Policies of the Tuscany Region Stefania Saccardi, visited the Cooperative Society of Montalbano Oil and Wine in Lamporecchio (FI), as part of the CatchCo2 project aimed at “Recovery of the Tuscan olive heritage: action to combat climate change for the storage of CO2 through innovative, cooperative and sustainable land management”. The plan, thanks to the financing of the Tuscany Region, is under construction by the Cooperative together with D.R.E.Am. Italy, the University of Florence and Pisa, the CNR, and two farms members of the cooperative Montalbano.

Present for dream the meeting President Lilia Orlandi and agronomists who follow the project, Vice President Andrea Triossi and Dr. Tiziana Mariotti.

Read the article (in Italian) at this link.