D.R.E.Am. Italy closes its 2023 budget with surprising results that President Lilia Orlandi presented last May 24, 2024 at the General Assembly of Members. Revenues have increased by +27% in the last three fiscal years, with +11% between 2022 and 2023, a year in which revenues approached 7.5 million, with a EBITDA of 16%. The budget indicates a growing reality and solidity in financial and equity terms, which leads Dream to look to the future with greater strength and determination, including the challenge of internationalization.
Lilia Orlandi comments, “2023 represented the second year of exit from the state of voluntary crisis that had affected the cooperative in the previous decade. The growth recorded in 2022, also continued during 2023 and was closed with very positive results in terms of both revenues and EBITDA; this result was due both to the favorable market conditions, but also to the choices made of production efficiency that led to remarkable results.”
The 2023 represented a key transition phase for the company in which a strategic review of the organizational structure was also made based on the roles of area managers, key figures linking commercial and production aspects.