The Shareholders’ Meeting approves the 2022 budget

On 29 June, the annual Shareholders’ Meeting of D.R.E.Am. Italia was held for the approval of the budget for the year 2022.
The company closed in 2022 with a positive turnover of 6.7 million euros and an increase of 7% compared to the previous year.
2022 has been a particularly important year for the company, as, thanks to the extensive commitment of all workers, it has definitely emerged from the state of crisis. In support of this important result was decided by the Shareholders’ Meeting payment of 40,000 euros of rebate for members, 160,000 euros of rewards to be distributed to the workers of the cooperative, and the establishment of a solidarity fund of 100,000 euros to protect all members of the cooperative and a fund of 130,000 euros for innovation projects. Another important result of 2022 was also launching a new system of economic treatment for workers, which promotes the economic and professional growth of workers and at the same time ensures the economic and financial sustainability of the company.

Guest of the assembly Patrizio Mecacci, Legacoop Tuscany, National Manager of the Forestry Sector of Legacoop.