On Friday, January 26, 2024, at the Tenuta dello Scompiglio (Vorno, Capannori), the final event of the project “Managing the Forest” took place, an absolutely innovative project, the first of its kind in Tuscany with prominent participatory features, in which D.R.E.Am. Italia participated by developing the Forest Management Plan.

This contribution was crucial for the project, as it provided useful material and the technical and scientific basis for SISTECO, a platform by the company WebMapp, through which public and private entities can estimate ecosystem services on cadastral parcels of a particular territory.

For our company, this project represented a significant achievement in scientific terms and in comparison with other stakeholders with whom we collaborated productively, achieving results of great value.

At the final event, there were over 100 attendees, including representatives from the Tuscany Region and MASAF, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty, and Forestry, represented by the Director, Dr. Alessandra Stefani.