Feasibility study and reintroduction of roe deer in Aspromonte

The goals of the roe deer reintroduction project in Aspromonte National Park are part of a number of strategies identified by the Park Authority regarding wildlife aspects and contemplated in the Park Plan.

The most important aims of the reintroduction project can be summarized as:

  • faunal upgrading;
  • enrichment of the present biocenosis;
  • educational – cultural enrichment of local populations.

Having completed the cognitive and analytical phase that led to the acquisition of favorable opinions from ISPRA, the implementation phase of the project was initiated, which included:

  • identification of capture sites in specific areas of the Province of Grosseto and Siena
    acquisition of founding individuals so as to ensure an optimal structure for the purpose of reintroduction;
  • transport of the founding individuals by means of a van properly outfitted to ensure maximum welfare for the animals;
  • identification of release sites and release of animals at a time immediately following their arrival and directly on the ground in the identified areas (hard-release)
  • post-release monitoring through visual tracking, VHF tracking, and net tracking of animals equipped with colored and numbered ear tags and GPS-GSM radio-collars.

68-70 roe deer were reintroduced from 2008 to 2011.

CLIENT: Parco Nazionale dell’Aspromonte
DATE: 2003 – 2011